Fantasy Wrestling Guide for Big Tens, Big 12s, EIWAs and More

The end of the College Wrestling Season is finally here. March Matness is now upon us. The very best conferences in College Wrestling are trying to peak their wrestlers at the right time, to make a berth to the Big Show, “NCAA Tournament”. Every wrestler dreams of one day wrestling on Saturday Night , up on the stage, all eyes on them at the NCAA Division 1 Tournament, or becoming an All-American! Earning All-American Honors is something that nobody can ever take away from you! The years of blood, sweat, and tears, along with countless hours of preparation. Lead up to one moment. The preparation that goes into a wrestlers season, all adds up and boils down to the “Conference Tournament”. This Tournament is what will give them a direct bid to the Big Show! Qualify and you are in! With that said, here is my breakdown for this weeks Conference Show-Downs, and who I will be taking on my roster for FFL.

Lets start with the “SoCon” conference. Campbell University has had a great season along with the other hammer schools like App State, Gardner Webb, and Chattanooga. When it comes to choosing a lightweight within the SoCon I am choosing Brayden Palmer (UTC 133). He sits at a record of 22-6 without a loss in the SoCon conference. With notable wins over Gabe Tagg of South Dakota State and Code Russell of App State. His most recent loss is to #24 Brock Hudkins of Big Ten School “Indiana”. Look for Brayden Palmer to come away with the 133 title out of the SoCon and punch his ticket to the big show! He has a total value of 80 possible FFL Pts! The middle weight choice I am rocking with is, Josh Heil of Campbell. Josh Heil the younger brother of Dean Heil. We all remember the match last year at the NCAA Tournament where Heil got burned by an official. Look for Heil to make it back to the NCAA Tournament and make a run at AA Honors this season. He has a possible point value of 60 FFL Pts. For upper weights I chose Caleb Hopkins, he sits at 14-4 on the year. He was an NCAA Qualifier last year. Look for him to make a run at the SoCon tournament and punch his ticket again at 184 lbs. He is currently ranked #31 in the country for the Camels with a FFL potential value of 80 FFL Pts. Also , Hopkins is on a 5 match win streak heading into the conference tournament. I think as a team it will come down to between Campbell and App State, with Campbell getting the team title in the end!

Next up is the MAC Tournament. It’s time for some MACTION baby! To start things off at the lightweights I’ve got to go with my gut on this. I am taking Anthony Noto of Lock Haven University. This young man sits at a record of 26-1 at 125 lbs. He is currently ranked #11 in the country and is only a red shirt freshman. 26-1 and one of the tougher weights at the division 1 level this season. With Spencer Lee out and Nick Suriano leading the way at #1. The rest of the field is a toss up`! This will be the first conference tournament for Noto, however he has a potential value of 80 FFL points! Why not choose him at lightweight! I have a feeling he gets the title at the MAC Tournament and might even earn AA Honors this season for LHU! When it comes to middle weights I am choosing to go with, Alex Madrigal of George Mason 149 lbs. He is on a 4 match win streak with wins over Edinboro, Rider, Bloomsburg, and Lock Haven. He has a record of 18-3 on the year. He also is currently ranked #23 nationally at 149. Looking to punch his third ticket to the big show, first for George Mason, the other two being with Old Dominion . Madrigal has a potential for 60 FFL points. When it comes to upper weights at the MAC , I have got to go with my guy from Oregon Clay High School in Ohio, wrestling for Central Michigan. Matt Stencil. This heavyweight is sitting at #6 in the country , with a record of 15-4. His most recent loss is to Mason Paris of Michigan by score of 7-4. Look for Stencil to come away with a MAC title and punch his ticket to Detroit, which is pretty much in the backyard of Stencils Hometown of Clay Ohio. This dude is for real and can really move for a big guy! Stencil has the potential for 80 FFL Points.

The EIWA Conference is pretty cut and dry for the most part here. At lightweight I chose to go with Patrick Glory from Princeton at 125lbs. He has the potential for 80 FFL points. Glory has been on a terror this season. Looking to be as if it might be an NCAA Final between him and Nicky Suriano! A Jersey Showdown ! Glory walks away with the title at EIWA. At middleweight I went with no one other than Yianni D! The Cornell wrestler at 149lbs has the potential value of 80FFL points. How can you go against Yianni D here?! At the upper weight level I chose to go with Louie DePrez of Binghamton. He currently sits ranked at #6 in the country at 197lbs. This cat can move! He is going to likely battle with Cardenas of Cornell. However I see DePrez walking away with the EIWA Title. As a team, it will likely come down to Cornell and Princeton! I think Cornell still has a little too much , but you never know! We will just have to wait and see!

141 Yianni Diakomihalis (Cornell) DEC Dean Heil (Oklahoma St.), 6-5

The Big 12! Certainly we are going to miss the show of AJ Ferrari. No flexing, and no dead lift talk. I know we all wanted to see the Ferrari Show. However, with the car accident situation we will be missing him this year. However, Ferrari is not the only superstar that the Okie State Cowboys have. They have this guy, you may know. Daton Fix, at 133lbs. You know, the World Silver Medalist for the US. He also has won an NCAA Title. He is looking for his very first NCAA Title to now go with that Silver Medal in Oslo. Look for this guy who has 80 potential FFL points to come away with the Big 12 133lb title. Onto the middleweight selection , in which I chose David Carr. David is on track and pace to compete for the Hodge Trophy at 157lbs for the Iowa State Cyclones. Carr has been smashing the competition this season also! Looking to repeat as an NCAA Champion as well. He first must claim the Big 12 as his though. With the potential of 80 FFL points, it was hard to not go with this stud! Onto the upper weights. I chose Zach Elam of Missouri. This heavyweight is currently ranked #15 and has a projection value of 80 FFL Points. Sitting with a record of 11-4 and most recent win is over Iowa States Schuyler. Looking to carry this over to the tournament and win a Big 12 belt! As for team title, I feel like it could go many different ways. Iowa State probably is the favorite, however UNI is going to be right on their heals along with Missouri. It is going to be quite the battle for the team race! The Big 12 will surely be exciting to watch!

157lbs 1st Place Match – David Carr (Iowa State) celebration

The ACC, one of the now premier conferences known for their wrestling. What a tough tournament this is going to be! So jam packed with talent. The ACC will not disappoint ! When it came to the lighter weights It was tough to decide. However I am going with Jakob Camacho of NC State. This Wolfpack is no joke! The team is solid form top to bottom! Camacho sits at 125lbs and the potential for 60 FFL points. He has a record of 14-3 and ranked #12 in the country at 125lbs for the Wolfpack! However, he has a recent loss to Sam Latona of Virginia Tech by score of 9-3. I am expecting Camacho to correct the mistakes and claim a win over Latona if they scrap at the ACC Tournament! Onto the middleweights. This was also a tough call as well. However I will be rocking with former St.Edward Eagle, Bryce Andonian. Andonian did miss parts of the season but don’t let that stop you from picking this young man. He is one of the very best in the country at 149. He can scrap and roll with the very best. I mean he was on our U23 World Team this past summer. The kid is damn good! He may only have a record of 7-2, but is ranked #6 at 149. A value projection of 60 FFL points , and a likely showdown in the finals between him and Tariq Wilson. I am rolling with Andonian All the way! He will be fresh on his feet having sat out most of the season. He will be hungry for an ACC Title, and punching his ticket to Detroit! Trent Hidlay is my choice at the upper weights. How can one not go with Hidlay! The kid is an animal! Both of these brothers are straight up savages! He has a potential value of 80 FFL points. This Wolfpack member is going to punch another ticket to the big show and a push for an NCAA Title. He currently is ranked #3 at 184. Hard to go against this choice here however, in Fantasy Fight League , ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN! Choose Wisely. As far as team title, I have the NC State Wolfpack taking home the ACC Trophy with Virginia Tech finishing right behind them!

Onto the PAC 12. The boys out west sure can scrap! We all know this. So when it came to choosing a lightweight. I went with Brandon Courtney of Arizona State. This 125 pounder is looking to make another run at the NCAA Finals, and hoping to win the whole thing! He currently is ranked #5 at 125 for the Sun Devils. With a record of 19-1 it was hard for me to choose anybody else. I am expecting this young man to win a PAC 12 title and come ready to go in Detroit! He has the potential value of 80 FFL points also! Onto the middleweights , where I chose Evan Wick of Cal Poly! The #1 165 in the entire country! This is one baaaadd dude! #1 ranking, 16-0 and hint been touched all year long! He has one thing on his mind. Winning a PAC 12 title and then the NCAA Title in Detroit! This was a no brainer when it came to the middle weight selection. Onto the upper weights where I chose to go with Cohlton Schultz of Arizona State. This heavyweight can move, and did I mention, he’s pretty darn good at Greco Roman also! He is currently ranked #8 in the country at heavyweight for the ASU Sun Devils. He has a perfect record of 16-0! He finished 4th at NCAA’s last season. He is looking to even do better this year and surprise a few along the way! This is also only his Freshman year, since last year he was only a RS FR. Look for Schultz to come away with a PAC 12 and ready to make some noise in Detroit Michigan for NCAA’s! As for the team race here at the PAC 12. I like to think that Arizona State wins it all! They have enough fire power to do so, but then again who knows!

Here we are , finally at the Big Ten! I saved THE BEST For Last! The very best conference in all of College Wrestling. The Big Ten. Year in and Year out produces the most NCAA Champions and for the last 20 years has been the Team Title also! The Big Ten produces some of the greatest our sport has ever seen! No doubt about it. So when it came time for me to make a selection at the lightweight spot I went with no-one other than Nick Suriano! Suriano transferred to Michigan this season from Rutgers. We were all wondering where he would end up and well he ended up in Mays and Blue. He has some of the best coaching in the sport and one of the best rooms in the world. Suriano is a clear favorite at 125lbs, especially because Spencer Lee is not there this year. He has the potential value of 80 FFL points. This was a clear no brainer for me here at the Big Ten. Moving onto the middleweights. I chose to go with Ryan Deakin at 157lbs from Northwestern. This dude was on track to win the whole thing last year, and then David Carr said “Not So Fast”. Deakin is on track to reclaim the thrown, but first he has to get through the Big Ten Tournament. I don’t see anyone touching him at 157 in the Big Ten. Deakin gets the Big Ten Title and will move on and try to reach the summit in Detroit at 157! He has the potential value of 80 FFL points! As we reach the upper weights here at the Big Ten Tournament, we all know who I took. Gable Dan Steveson! The Olympic Gold, WWE Contract , Freakshow athlete! Gable Steveson is going to mop the mat with the competition. This is going to be his last go around at this considering we will be seeing him flying off turnbuckles the next time he is on TV. Gable Steveson is going to want to make a statement. For the potential 80 FFL points, this was so easy to choose! This young man is so special and has been so much fun to watch! We are going to miss this talent for years to come. It might be a while before we ever see another like Gable! As for the team title I think we all know it is going to come down between the two bitter rivals, Penn State and Iowa. Will Cael be able to out maneuver Brands again? Or will the Iowa Hawkeyes come ready to go and steal the crown!? Stay Tuned!

There you have my guide and choices for the conference tournaments coming up! There is going to be a lot of wrestling on the TV. So make sure you don’t miss any of it! Also, DON’T FORGET TO SET YOUR ROSTERS!!!

133lbs 1st Place Match – Nick Suriano (Rutgers) 29-3 won in sudden victory – 2 over Daton Fix (Oklahoma State) 34-2 (SV-2 4-2)
285 Semifinal – Gable Steveson (Minnesota)

-Drew Blogs

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