Scoring for All Sports Explained

How does scoring work on Fantasy Fight League? The basics are pretty simple – the more dominant the performance, the more points your athletes will earn you. Here’s exactly how points are broken down for each sport:

Wrestling scoring: 


Win by tech (30)

Win by pin (27)

Win by major (23)

Win by decision (20)

Lose by tech (3)

Loses by pin (6)

Lose by major (10)

Lose by decision (13)


1st: 80

2nd: 60

3rd: 40

MMA Scoring

Wins the fight by knockout (30)

Wins the fight by submission (27)

Wins the fight by decision (23)


First-round knockout (30)

Second-round knockout (27)

Third-round knockout (23)

Wins by knockout (20)

Wins by decision (20)

Pro Wrestling

Wins (30)

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