New Prizes Added for May’s Leaderboard

Prizes are being sent out to April’s winners and we’ve loaded a few new prizes for those who finish at the top of May’s leaderboard. We’ve added a UFC Fight Pass subscription and Conor McGregor trading card to our MMA prizes, plus an Andre the Giant trading card as a pro wrestling prize. Here are all of our prizes for all of our sports in May.


1Rudis Wrestling Shoes
2Rudis training gear
3FFL Jacket
4Tom & Terry Brands Autograph
5FFL Shirt
6Rokfin Sub
7Burroughs Trading Card
8StaleMates Sub
9Wrestling Art Stickers
101 month free


1Rudis Training Shoes
2Fight Pass Subscription
3McGregor Trading Card
4FFL Shirt
51 month free

Pro Wrestling

1Hulkamania T-Shirt
2Steve Austin Action Figure
3Andre the Giant Trading Card
4FFL Shorts
51 month free


1Ali Rudis Hoodie
2Ali Rudis T-Shirt
3FFL Jacket
4FFL Shirt
51 month free

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