NCAA Fantasy Wrestling Guide

What in the world are we going to do after this years NCAA Tournament!? We all want more Fantasy Fight League! What will come next? What events are we going to be able to play? Fear not! Fantasy Fight League isn’t going anywhere, just because the season is ending. Sure, wrestling season may be ending, however, we still have the freestyle and greco circuit to pay attention to! Spring and Summer events as well! Wrestling is not going anywhere.
So when it comes to this years Big Event (NCAA Tournament). Anything can happen! We all know that there are the first round upsets , the heartbreaks of seniors and #1 seeds. The question is, “Can you pick a great line up, and be able to take over the leaderboard on FFL?!” I am going to dive in and give you my picks for this years NCAA Tournament!

Nicky Before the Corn Rows Suriano

When it comes to the lightweights there is no-one else that I would rather pick than “Nicky Corn Rows” , (Nick Suriano). Suriano has got to be my lightweight. The man is the #1 seed for a very good reason. He also was a huge part of the reason that Michigan won it’s first Big Ten Title since the late 70’s! Suriano might not get tested until the semi finals or even finals! Be sure to really look through the list and make your best take at this, since this is the last event of the wrestling season. On the other half of the lightweights, I chose another cat from New Jersey! Mr.Patrick Glory! We might just get the chance to see an all New Jersey NCAA Final. Yes , yes, we know Suriano is at Michigan, however those that don’t know. The Jersey Native lives for the state of New Jersey. When you look up the state information you see a photo of Nicky. However , Mr. Patrick Glory might just be the one to take down Suriano. We are of course missing the third part of this three headed monster in Spencer Lee, but either way this weight class is absolutely tough as nails! It truly might be one of the deepest weights at this years tournament. Glory has been handling the competition all year long, including Vitali Arujau and many others along the way. Who will win the battle of New Jersey Residents in this years NCAA Championships? If I were you these are the two I would pick.

157lbs 1st Place Match – David Carr (Iowa State) celebration

Onto the middle weights , here is where it starts to get some what tricky. This middleweight selection is absolutely loaded! Hammers, in every single weight! The first selection I went with was “David Carr”. David Carr is on course to be competing for the Hodge Trophy with Gable Steveson. David has been absolutely smashing the competition. He is on a mission to claim another NCAA Title for the Iowa State Cyclones. David is so technical and just over all the most complete wrestler in the middle weights. Now when it comes to the other half, I am going with this years new Big Ten Champion from Wisconsin. Austin Gomez! What an amazing story this dude has! He literally was done with the sport! Out for good! Too many concussions and had to walk away from wrestling. Not so fast, this dude is back and is making his name felt around the College Wrestling World! If you watched the Big Ten Championships when in the semi finals, Gomez locked up double under hooks and hit the most beautiful headlock for a fall over Lovett of Nebraska. I think it took all of 30 seconds! Yes 30 seconds in the semi finals of the Big Ten’s! Then to go onto the finals and knock off last years NCAA Runner-up, Sammy Sasso. Sasso had only one loss on the board this year. So my thinking is that Gomez has nothing to lose. He has such an amazing mind set. He knows that you do not always get these opportunities. Look for Gomez to surprise the field and do what he has been doing all year long!

Gable Dan Steveson

The upper weights should be a no brainer for at least one of your choices! If you choose anyone other than Gable Dan Steveson. You’re absolutely insane! This dude is ready to go out with a bang. He is ready to leave his shoes on the mat when he is done wrestling up on that stage. Nobody is going to even come close to touching this cat. He is ready for the next step in his life. He owns the Gold Medal from Tokyo and now he is set to finish his college career at Minnesota on top! Just the way he came into this. Gable Dan Steveson will forever be one of the greatest to ever do it! In the blink of an eye we have watched this dude grow into a man and become one of the greatest Olympic Athletes ever. We will never forget that moment, with John Smith commentating as he says “Go get it , go get it , go get it” and gable made his way around the back of his opponent in the Olympic Finals to claim Gold! The whole wrestling community was united and together for that. We will always remember how much good this guy has done for our sport! So for me to choose anybody else would have been crazy. On the other half of the upper weights I decided to go with , “The Cuban”! Yonger Bastida! I first saw this man wrestle during the Iowa and Iowa State Dual earlier in the season. What I saw was a dude that just wants to win! This dude may have only wrestled freestyle his entire life. But , who said Freestyle foreign wrestlers can’t transition to become great Folkstyle wrestlers?! Bastida is one bad dude. The weight at 197lbs is absolutely wide open! He has the same shot as anybody else. I truly think that this dude is going to shine once the lights come on! Between David Carr and Himself, Iowa State could possibly have 2 NCAA Champions when it is all said and done. I know that my boy, Zach Bogle of Stalemates would be proud of my pick here! Don’t be surprised when you see this dude in the finals! We all love to say “I picked him”!

For the team title , I am going with the Penn State Nittany Lions ! it only makes sense. Cael always finds a way. He literally is a Jedi. He knows how to peak his wrestlers at the right time. Not sure if there is anybody any better at this than Cael Sanderson. I was however surprised that Michigan stole the show at Big Tens. Michigan and Penn State are going to be putting a lot of Pressure on Iowa. I have a feeling it is going to be between those three teams along with maybe an NC State following up the back. Penn State has more Champion power. Michigan has the guys who can really wrestle well back through and score a lot of team points. It really is going to be interesting to see who does come out on top. However, I am going with PSU because it’s like betting against Tom Brady. You just can’t!

Folkstyle wrestling may be coming to an end for the year. College wrestling may be finishing up. That doesn’t mean wrestling is over. Because we all know , Wrestling never stops! Best of luck to everyone playing and making their picks and we will see you next time!


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