Yasar Dogu Fantasy Preview

The Yasar Dogu International Tournament is one of the most popular and toughest international events on the circuit, year in and out. The United States, Russians, and Iranians, always send their very best. This tournament is named after “Yasar Dogu” , a highly decorated Turkish wrestler who represented Turkey through the 30’s and into the 50’s. Yasar Dogu was a 2 time European Champion along with 1 World Championship followed by an Olympic Gold Medal in 1948 (London). His Gold in London was won at “Welterweight” while the Gold at the World Championships was at “Light Heavyweight”. Yasar represented Turkey so well, for so long. He was also a member of the Turkish Military. When Yasar represented the National Team in 46 matches, the entire time wrestled out of those 46 bouts was only 372 minutes! He absolutely smashed the competition! To this day there is a reason the tournament is named after this incredible wrestler and military veteran. He gave his all for his country! This tournament has hosted some of the very best wrestling in the world for many years now. The very best of the best are on every mat the entire time.

  From Greco to Freestyle! Considering there aren’t any Collegiate Matches posted for games this week to set your line ups with. This is where some big points can play in to your favor! If you’re not so much a College Wrestling Buff, and you pay more attention to the international scene, this might just be right up your alley. If you are a “Greco” Fanatic, you have the chance to pick a greco wrestler to get you back in the hunt for a top ten finish this month! Do not miss out on this tournament. This opportunity can really change the way the rest of the month of February goes for the leaderboard! Here are some of my picks for the Yasar Dogu!

Womens Wrestler: Aisuluu Tynybekova (Kyrgyzstan) : A highly decorated young lady of Kyrgyzstan. She is a clear favorite to win this event. Not only was she the Silver Medalist at this past Olympics in Tokyo, but she is the reigning World Champion from Oslo 2021 at 62KG. She has the potential for a total of 80 FFL Pts! Why not take the best option and take Aisuluu! 

Greco Wrestler: Mohammadreza Abdolhamid Geraie (Iran 67KG) : Reigning World and Olympic Champion from this past year in Tokyo and Oslo! Iran is not so much always known for their Greco Expertise. However this young man is just getting started! He is only 25 years of age. The potential for many more Olympic and World Championships is limitless! The Islamic Republic of Iran now has themselves a true Greco Phenom! At 67KG I do not think anybody touches Geraie! He walks away with a Yasar Dogu Championship!

Freestyle Lightweight: Zagir Shakiev (Russia 65Kg): The Reigning World Champion in Oslo. This young man will be on a mission to secure a Yasar Dogu Title. The Russians do not just send anybody to this tournament. They always send their very best, because they love to beat the Iranians and Americans. Look for Russia to go for another team title. As they have been doing so the last couple events. The Russians are just another level of building champions. Yes we do an amazing job here in the States but Russia has something completely different. The way they raise athletes is literally Farm Like. Shakiev gets the Yasar Dogu Title for Russia at 65KG!

Freestyle Middleweight: Jordan Burroughs (USA 79KG): America’s Favorite Wrestler! The Golden Boy! Jordan Burroughs is my pick! He has the potential for 80 FFL Pts also. The way Jordan Burroughs has been wrestling since his loss in the Olympic Trials to Kyle Dake and then moving to 79KG. The man has been on fire! I don’t think anybody touches Jordan Burroughs at the Yasar Dogu. Jordan is still continuing to make a statement that he is the very best in the world and will be until he says say!  79KG is owned by JB “All I See Is Gold” !

Freestyle Upperweight: Taha Akgul 125KG Turkey: Turkey Heavyweight Taha Akgul. A former Olympic Gold Medalist at heavyweight. The man that Gable Dan Steveson ran through in the Semi Finals at the Olympics in Tokyo. Do not let that fool you from the fact that this man is still a BAAAAD Dude! One of the very best ever from Turkey. The country loves this man. This is on his own home turf! Look for Taha Akgul to make a statement and prove that he still can be the man to beat at heavyweight! 

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