Who to Start and Sit This Week on Fantasy Fight League

It’s a whole new month, another chance at the “Top 10” Leaderboard! Will Pantherpitt climb back up to the top? Or is there maybe another Jedi out there that can navigate a College Wrestling Roster to pick , start and to sit the right athletes each week, for the month of February! Here is this weeks , wrestlers you should be looking to “Start” or to “Sit” for your Fantasy Fight League rosters.

Start: David Carr 157lbs, Iowa State Cyclone’s: Beside the big guy at heavyweight, this young man right here just might be the most dominant wrestler in college, hands down! David Carr has racked up a total of 15 wins this season, all of them have either been a major decision, a tech fall, or just a fall!  The closest match this season as to Peyton Robb , early In the year. However since then , David has turned it up! Outside of Gable, David Carr might be up there with him for the finalist for winning this years “Danny Hodge Award”. If you ask me, David is just as deserving. Make sure you start this guy this week! They are set to scrap with a very tough UNI Squad but that won’t stop the “Gummy Bear King” from going out and securing a fall, or tech! David Carr is a lock! 

Start: Sammy Sasso 149lbs, Ohio State Buckeyes: Sammy Sasso, need I say anymore? This young man is one of the very best when it comes to crunch time. He always has a way of just “making it happen”. The Buckeyes may have some weak spots in the line up but 149lbs certainly is not one of them. This weight class runs through Sammy Sasso for this years NCAA Title. Count on that! So as we are heading towards the latter part of the season, look for Sasso to get after it here as he is set to wrestle Michael Blockhus of Minnesota. Blockhus, sits at a 14-10 record and only 2 wins in his last 7 bouts! Sasso gets it done for you and the Buckeyes! 

Start: Daton Fix 133lbs Oklahoma State Cowboys: Sure the Okie State Cowboys have sort of fallen off as of recent, with the losses to Ferrari and then also taking an L to Northern Iowa a week or two ago. It has not been all sunshine and rainbows in Stillwater this season. However, they still have a World Silver Medalist, named Daton Fix! Daton Fix is going to look to put on an absolute show when it comes time to scrap with “Austin Desanto”. We all know whenever Desanto steps out onto the mat that anything can happen, but that is only when someone other than Fix is standing in the way!  Daton Fix wins big ! Also, who knows if Desanto even wrestles maybe they sit him!?

Start: Alex Marinelli 165lbs Iowa Hawkeyes:   “The Bull” , sure he has dropped in the rankings after the tough loss to Carson Kharchla, however that doesn’t mean the dude gave up?! That loss just made him even hungrier. More on a warpath to get that elusive NCAA Title that has haunted him for years! That run could start any day now! Why not start it now! Against Okie State!? This could be that perfect time for Marinelli to go on a winning streak all the way to the NCAA Finals! Look for Marinelli to pick up bonus points for the Hawkeyes! This dude is still on a mission! Take “The Bull” Thank me later!

Start: Nick Suriano 125lbs Michigan Wolverines: Suriano is on par for 23 points in FFL this week. Should you start the 125lb wolverine? Of course you should! You’d be crazy if you didn’t! We have the inner state rivalry between The University of Michigan and Michigan State University! These two schools do not like one another, and 125lbs is a hole for MSU! Look for Suriano to make a statement in this dual between the wolverines and sparty ! Nicky Bonus Points is at home and always enjoys putting on a show for all in attendance ! #TakeNickyBonusPoints #Lock

Who I’m Sitting This Week:

Tate Orndorff ( Heavyweight , Ohio State )

Derek Holschlag Northern Iowa 157lbs

Carter Young 141lbs Oklahoma State

Michael North 149lbs Maryland

Danny Bertoni 141lbs Maryland 

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