Start Daton Fix, Kyle Snyder and More This Week on Fantasy Fight League

By: Drew Blogs

Start: Drew Hildebrandt 125lbs (Penn State)- Penn State and Iowa are set to scrap this week. Sure Drake Ayala has beaten some very good competition. But the way Hildebrandt was able to keep it so close with Suriano makes me think that he is starting to get back into the swing of things. 5 years on the mat in college is a long time. He took a long break after last season before even deciding if he would enter the transfer portal. He has had his time off from the sport and I think the dust has worn off. Cael and Company know what they’re doing. Look for this Hilkdebrandt start to pay off for your roster! 

Start: Daton Fix 133lbs Oklahoma State- Look for Daton Fix to add some excitement and points to your roster. The Cowboys are AT HOME in their own domain. While the Northern Iowa Panthers can scrap with just about anybody, this is a mis match for them. Daton Fix wins big here for the Cowboys. Also take into consideration, the Cowboys will more than likely be without their start “AJ Ferrari” after that car accident this week. The boys will certainly be looking to make a statement win for their 197lber’s absence! 

Start: Tariq Wilson 149lbs North Carolina State- North Carolina State and company travel to Duke for a little coastal wrestling action. The Wolfpack has been on fire this season, in fact this may be their very best line up they’ve ever had! Tariq Wilson has yet to lose a bout this season. Currently with a #3 ranking in the country for the Pack, Wilson is going to come into Duke to make a statement over a tough opponent in “Josh Finesilver”! Finesilver is a very good wrestler, he just is not on the same level of Tariq in my opinion! 

Start: Kyle Snyder Team USA @ Yariguin– My reason for starting Snyder at the Yariguin. He has previously won this venue in years past. Such as 2017. Sure Kyle has taken his lumps and losses to Saduleaev. However, I haven’t heard yet , if he will be attending. So without Sadulaev then this weight class is wide open for Snyder to take the gold! The Yariguin is one of the toughest tournaments in the world year in and out! Don’t bet against Captain America! After two silver medals at Tokyo and Oslo. Look for Snyder to come out and make a statement! 

Start: Forrest Molnari Team USA (Women’s) Yariguin- I took a different approach here, Sure I could have started another college wrestler here in my list of 5. However , I think it would be wise to start Forrest Molinari here while she competes at Yariguin. This young lady is a straight up savage, a pitbull if you will. She was just shy of making an Olympic Team, however she came on strong this fall in Oslo at the 2021 World Championships, earning herself a Bronze Medal! Give this young lady a start and I think you will be thanking me later! 

****** Bonus Starter****** 197lb Yonger Bastida Iowa state , – Thank me later! 

Who Drew Blogs is Sitting This Week:

Ty Walz (Team USA)

Logan Agin (Duke)

Vincent Baker (Duke)

Chase Zollman (Wyoming)

Cooper Voorhees (Wyoming)

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