5 to Start and Sit This Week on Fantasy Fight League

By: Drew Blogs

Start: Nick Suriano (Michigan 125) – Sure 125 has a lot of very good wrestlers. However , not many of them are on the level of Nicky Long Hair Suriano! This dude is going up against Penn State (Drew Hildebrandt) along with Rutgers (Suriano’s Former Team/Home). He is going to make statements out of these two squads. Especially Rutgers. Look for Suriano to go out and get it done for your lineups! 

Start: Jacob Warner (Iowa 197)- Jacob Warner is a good one to start this week. One of the very best at 197 pounds. Coming into Ohio State and going up against a Gavin Hoffman. Look for Warner to take full advantage here. He’s going to go out and get you your points! 

Start: Yianni D (Cornell 149)- Cornell plays host to Harvard this week. Sure Harvard has some scrappers. Just not quite like Yianni D and Cornell! Look for Yianni to go out and get you that full 23! Yianni will go up against Lukus Sticker. On “Wrestle Stat” Stricker is ranked #79 and holds a record of 11-7. Yianni is going to win big against Harvard. You would be silly to not start Mr.Diakomihalis !

Start: Mike Van Brill (Rutgers 149)- Van Brill is having a great season  so far sitting at 12-1. He will be up against a Kanen Storr, whom only sits at 3-1. Only 4 matches so far this season, meanwhile Van Brill has been banging with the best. I look for Van Brill to get a big win here! Maybe one of only a couple against the Wolverines! 

Start: Will Bentancourt (Ohio State 133)- As we all know that Desanto is no longer in the Line up for Iowa. Look for the Buckeyes to take advantage of no Desanto. Desanto sets a huge pace for the Hawkeyes. I think this is a great opportunity for the Buckeyes and Bentancourt! Call me crazy. But I am going out on a little bit of a limb here. What would Fantasy Fight League be without a little bit of risk?! (LOL)

Who Am I Sitting This Week??

  • Tate Orndoff (Ohio State)
  • Drew Hildebrandt (Michigan)
  • Beau Bayless (Harvard
  • Lukus Stricker (Harvard)
  • Boone McDermott (Rutgers)

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