5 To Start and 5 To Sit This Week on Fantasy Fight League

By: Drew Blogs

Start: 1/14 Colton Schultz 20 PTS (Arizona State) – Colton Schultz should be on everyone’s radar to start this week as the Sun Devils take on the University of Pittsburgh Panthers. Schultz will be going up against a 9-8 Jacob Slinger of Pitt. Schultz is slated to get a total of 20PTS. 20 Pts is a nice swing of points when it comes to this game. Look for a big win here at heavyweight from the Arizona State Sun Devil. 

Start: Jayden Eierman(Iowa), 20PTS on 1/14- This dude loves to put on a show. 20 Pts is always best when you can get them. I think Eierman is able to go out and get you those points against Frankie Tal-Shahar of Northwestern. Tal-Shahar sits at only a 4-4 record and barely within the top 50 ranked for the weight class. Look for Jayden to rack up the points or secure a fall for the Hawkeyes, in return, getting your line up some important points in FFL!

Start: Drake Ayala (Iowa), 18PTS on 1/14- The Drake Show is just getting started folks. His pace is unreal and not many can hang with that. He showed us the other night when he took out the #5 Schroder of Purdue, inside Carver Hakeye Arena. Sure we are missing out on Spencer Lee, however Drake is going to get you your points. I can assure you on that. Especially against Northwestern! #TheDrakeShow #IowaWrestling

Start: Sammy Sasso (Ohio State), 18PTS on 1/14- Sammy goes up against Cole Mattin from University of Michigan. This is a rivalry match-up between these two schools. Look for Sammy to rack up the points and get after it. Big win for Sasso over The Team Up North! #OH 

Start: Carson Kharchla (Ohio State), 15PTS on 1/14- For those that are not aware yet. Carson Kharchla is a BAAAAD DUDE! His father once represented the Soviet Union, and was a Soviet Champion Wrestler. Ever hear of “Team Miron”? Carson learned from one of the absolute best! Plus this kid also likes to rack of the points, BONUS Points that is! 15 PTS is a lock if you ask me! 

Who to sit:

1. Malik Heinselman (Ohio State)- Going up against Nicky Push Up’s is never wise to start against. 

2. Ethan Smith (Ohio State)- Smith matches up against a very talented Massa.

3. Stevan Micic (Michigan)- Giving up that loss to Pitt, gives me the reason and thought that it might be a wise idea to bench Micic. It is a long brutal season. He may be in a funk. Either way I would bench him instead of starting.

4. Pj Ogunsanya (Army)- Yes PJ is a tough dude. However Yianni D is on another level! Do not start Ogunsanya 

5. Trent Hilger (Wisconsin)- I mean come on, he has to wrestle Gable Steveson. Need I say anything else?

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