Who Drew’s Starting This Week on Fantasy Fight League

So here we are the beginning of a new year, a new month. As we all know with the start of another new month, means another opportunity to win some of those epic prizes that are awarded in Fantasy Fight League.

Setting a roster in Fantasy Fight League is quite simple. Each Monday, the game board is uploaded with new games for everyone to go and select their starters for each game. Each Wrestler that is on the board has a select number of “Potential Points”. You then make your way through and select who you want to start in the line up for that dual meet, or tournament, in order to get you points and end up on the leader board. It really is a neat feeling to sometimes see yourself within the top 15 or anywhere near the top 10 for that matter. It truly gets competitive! We have some serious fans here in the sport of wrestling! This game is designed to keep all of us fans engaged, and even if you are new to the sport, you too could jump in wherever and play without having to worry about wagering your house or even the lunch money your mom packed. $5 a month! That is it! The prize opportunities are pretty amazing, go check them out if you don’t feel like taking my word for it. So without anymore explaining, here are my selected starters for the following duals in the upcoming week!

Minnesota vs. Iowa

Start: Gable Steveson 18 PTS , I chose to start Gable for Obvious reasons, the man just always gets the job done. 

Start: Alex Marinelli 15PTS, I chose Marinelli here for the fact that this is his last rodeo and last second half he will ever wrestle in College, he is such a physical freak and brutal that I see him racking up the points and helping you add some #’s , maybe help you up the leader board!

Start: Brayton Lee 15PTS, Brayton Lee is again off to a super hot start at 11-0 , with that he also loves to rack up points. His lowest scored bout was 3, and 6 points. The rest have been Maj Decision, or Tech Fall! 

Start: Drake Ayala 10PTS,  Well we all know Spencer Lee is out the remainder of the season. What a nice backup situation it must be for Spencer Lee. Just when folks thought Iowa didn’t have a dog in the race, enter Drake Ayala! 

Start: Jake Bergeland 3PTS, I chose Bergeland here, Ranked #20, a BIG Ten Dual, who knows what could happen. Why not go with the Gopher on this one! 

Indiana Vs. Rutgers

Start: Sammy Alvarez 15PTS, Alvarez is ranked #9 and is having himself a solid season, sitting with An 80% win record right now, and 60% of them coming in the bonus! This dual is going to be all Rutgers!

Start: Mike Van Brill 15PTS, 9-0 Mike Van Brill looks to continue undefeated 

Start: Nick Willham 8PTS, 

Start: Jacob Bullock 8PTS

Penn State vs. Maryland

Start: Roman Bravo Young 23PTS, I mean why not? The dude loves to put on a show. Maryland is going to be grasping at what they can get just to keep in close with Penn State. Even though at times it may seem like Penn State is slipping, they always button things up and finish the job. So of course I am going with this performer! RBY is A GAMER! 

Start: Aaron Brooks 18PTS, The #1 184 in the entire country. Brooks is on a mission to not be stopped this season! Going up against the state to the east, will be just another match and Brooks will go out and get the points Penn State and YOU as a player will need to get up the leaderboard! Go with Brooks! 

Start: Tony Negron 10PTS, What the heck, let’s see what the kid can do as far as points are concerned. Maybe he goes out and gets the job done and surprises some of us!

Start: Jaron Smith 10 PTS, Smith is going to be up against a very good Max Dean, but then again this is college wrestling and anything can happen! 

Start: Zach Schrader 5PTS, Maybe Schrader can pull off the big one over Kirkvliet.  

There you have it for those three duals that are coming up. Those are the starters that I have selected for myself. Remember, this is NOT gambling! We are all here for a good time and to help grow the sport that we all love ! I would love to maybe do a collaboration sometime here with an “Expert” in the near future. Stay tuned for the next round of “My Starters”!

-Drew Blogs

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