Collegiate Duals Fantasy Guide

One of the hottest in-season tournaments is about to go down in Florida at the Collegiate Wrestling Duals. Penn State, Iowa, Cornell and a handful of other powerhouse teams will take the mats. We’ve got three fantasy games posted for the event:

Iowa vs. Lehigh

Penn State vs. Cornell

Team Pool Winners

Here is some advice on how to optimize your Fantasy Fight League teams: 

Iowa vs. Lehigh (PLAY)

Who to start: Jesse Ybarra
Will we see Spencer Lee? It’s possible. But Ybarra is going to get you a great value at Starter 5. He’s projected to get teched. Fantasy Fight League groups starter options based on projected outcome, so Ybarra – in the Starter 5 group – could out-perform his projection by holding off bonus points. 

Penn State vs. Cornell. (PLAY)

Who to start: Nick Lee
Lee is a great option as your Starter 1. He’s projected to wrestle Cole Handlovic, who is ranked #88 in the country by WrestleStat. Lee is projected to get a tech. Even if he doesn’t, you can feel comfortable that he’ll score bonus points for your squad. 

Team Pools (PLAY)

Who to start: Iowa and Penn State
These are the easy picks and the probably pool champs. But pretty much everyone is going to pick them. If you want to separate yourself from the pack, think outside of the box. Cornell is a great sleeper pick in the blue pool 

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