Fantasy Fight League Mid-Month Report

We’re halfway through the month and halfway towards bring prizes earned. Here’s a look around the league:

State of the Leaderboard: Pantherpitt currently sits at No. 1 on this month’s leaderboard with 1,041 points (Reminder that the active leaderboard must be sorted as a custom date from November 29th to current). They’re far from pulling away from the pack, though. Blhenderson (1,024), BigToe1982 (1,013), GeneParmesan (1,009) and M3McCreary (1,000) are all over 1,000 points and all in serious consideration for this month’s grand prize – a plane ticket to the NCAA Tournament.

Weekly Winners: Two Chipotle Trophies have been awarded to weekly leaderboard winners. What you see on the prizes tab represents prizes being given out this month. Each week, whoever finishes on top of the leaderboard (sort Monday-Monday) wins free Chipotle. Superheavyweight67 (521 points) edged out GeneParmesan (518), Mark5 (510), Pantherpitt (509) and blhenderson (508) to win last week’s leaderboard.

Great Picks:

Deedsky’s Oklahoma State vs. Oklahoma teams

Piercestowman’s Pitt vs. Ohio State teams

Step133’s Ironman team

Pelikan Tracker: PelikanHead’s first month on FFL has been a learning experience. He currently sits in 82nd place (out of 96), with his poor performance being driven by missing every single game last week.

This Week’s Games: There are three games this week and five in total up on FFL. Set your teams by Friday for Oklahoma State vs. Wyoming before Ohio vs. Campbell and Purdue vs. Iowa State on Sunday. Two huge matches are going down on Monday – so we posted them early and included them with this week’s games. Those are Iowa vs. Lehigh and Cornell vs. Penn State.

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